FX THE LEAGUE SEASON 3 Photoshoot @ The Rosebowl, Pasadena, CA

FX THE LEAGUE SEASON 3 Photoshoot @ The Rosebowl, Pasadena, CA

We can finally break the news that we shot the full campaign for season 3 of FX’s hit show The League in late July.  Its been top secret until now- the show’s hottest photography yet, completed all by Paul Aresu and his team, has finally been released on the show’s official website (http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/theleague/index.php).   We can’t stop smiling whenever these images pop up because this was one of the coolest shoots we have had the opportunity to do.

On an early flight out of JFK, Paul, Mikey, and myself were launched 3,000 miles across the U.S. on Monday, July 25th headed for Los Angeles, CA.  Upon arrival at LAX we headed straight to the famous Rosebowl Stadium to scout the area and figure the logistics of the shoot, planned for the following day.   It was a normal day in Southern California, scorching sun and a dry heat that made the smallest bit of shade a godsend.   We met with the amazing people from the FX Network team and The League’s production team to finalize our plan to complete 10 shots on the field of the Rosebowl Stadium while the broadcast team simultaneously shot the show’s promos in the opposite end zone.    It was a mammoth of a production goal, but we were all ready for the challenge.  With our plan set we headed to one of our favorite boutique hotels, Le Montrose Suite Hotel for the night.

With a good night’s rest we set out for the Rosebowl the following day at the crack of dawn and found the stadium alive with action.  From the 6 star wagons lined up in the stadium’s right side tunnel, the 4 prop and equipment filled tractor trailers lining the left side tunnel, and fresh paint on the field it was apparent we were all ready to kick some butt.  After wolfing down a delicious breakfast provided by the amazing caterers that feed the show’s cast and crew we set out to get our equipment on the field and ready to start shooting our stunt doubles.

Stunt doubles went flying when we started shooting one of our favorite shots, the Trophy shot.  With the use of trampolines and gymnastic mats, Paul caught each stunt double lunging through the air, reaching for the show’s infamous trophy.  After comping some sample shots for FX execs on set we had the trophy lunging pyramid ready for the stars of the show.

With the stunt doubles completed they moved on to the broadcast work and we began our work with the cast.  Each cast member had their own special set up on the field, Taco chilling on the couch, Pete checking stats from bed, Ruxin throwing a fit at the office, Kevin with his ironing, Andre primping in the bathroom, and Jenny vacuuming with her iphone in hand. Every cast and crew member made every step of our shoot a blast and a blur of action, props, wardrobe, and laughs ensued from start to finish.

We hope you enjoy the photography and check out The League’s Season 3 Premiere on FX Thursday, Oct. 6 at 10:30pm EST!

Written by Jessica Dito, Producer, ARESU Photography