Citizen Watch Campaign

We’re very proud!!!  New Citizen Watch campaign features Paul Aresu photography.  Paul was assigned to capture their super star ambassadors; Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, Daytona 500 champion Matt Kenseth, LPGA Winner Paula Creamer and NHL Maple Leaf’s Dion Phaneuf.


They say ” a picture is worth 1000 words.”  When Paul Aresu photographed this adorable young girl, he wanted to help these adoptable kids in their search for lasting love.  Paul volunteered his time at Bronx Art Museum Heart Gallery, never considering how they’d touch his heart with their kindness.  All he could say was “they are so upbeat, it is an inspiration for us all to behold.”  Paul makes a difference.  He wanted to help these foster care kids.  Reach out if you can help too.